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Flutter simple router

For the Let’s Check App I’m writing I needed a simple router. I haven’t found anything that suited my needs so I decided to role my own. My implementation supports: Regex named Args All routes named, this allows usage like: ( GlobalRouter().buildUri(routeSettingsConnection, buildArgs: {"alias": "JOCHUM"});) Static/Dynamic routes (Static string or Regex) Dynamicaly register/deregister routes as needed The Router implementation I have this saved as GlobalRouter.dart import 'package:flutter/foundation.dart'; import 'package:flutter/material.

Todoist <-> Taskwarrior Sync

Some days ago Alex told me about the great CLI task manager Taskwarrior as we have Todoist users in our company I had to think of a sync tool.

So I’ve updated the Todoist->Taskwarrior migration tool from Matt Snider to a full two-way-sync tool. It’s now capable of syncing Todoist to Taskwarrior and vice versa.

Get it on our Webmeisterei git

Æ-DIR installation

In the last few days, I’ve created an OpenLDAP Cluster with Æ-DIR for the Webmeisterei, the Installation wasn’t straight forward but the creator of Æ-DIR Michael Ströder helped me a lot with it.

UNOFFICIAL Proxmox with Debian GNU/Linux Buster

WARNING: This is a playground to test debian/buster with pve NOT PRODUCTION READY

I have my main Workstation and my Laptop on Debian buster (aka testing!) so I decided to create my own pve packages for this release as I didn’t want to downgrade to Debian stretch (aka stable!).

This wasn’t a straight download-compile-upload task, will provide my patches soon and the more of you have fun with testing buster the more patches will come.